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Behavioural Counseling

At IITM we work towards the well-being of students, faculty and staff members by facilitating emotional, interpersonal and intellectual development. Students, faculty members and staff who are in better control of their personal lives are more likely to achieve better performance in all activities and contribute to the overall growth of the institution.

Every class is assigned a mentor and above the mentor is the Head who render guidance to the students. Students can self-refer or may be referred for counseling by any faculty member, mentor or Head. Similarly, a faculty as well as staff member may self-refer or may be referred for counseling by the director of the institute. The counseling facility is available to all the students, faculty and staff members of IITM. The counselor and the counselee need to work together to resolve a problem, bring about a behavioral change and foster personal growth.


  • To help students to cope with their concerns/problems related to behavior, academics and career.
  • To help faculty and staff members of IITM cope with personal as well as professional concerns/problems.
  • The basic purpose is to equip the students, faculty and staff members of IITM to achieve greater autonomy and effectiveness, thus, creating a healthy and safe environment.

All types of psychological support is being provided to students, faculty and staff members of IITM in order to address their problem. However, family issues not directly related with the conduct of the institute’s day to day activities are not under the ambit of the counseling cell’s responsibilities.

Counseling Cell Members

Coordinator- Ms. Richa Dixit
Member – Ms. Anjana Singh